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About getting from the Warsaw Airport to Krakow.

Before getting into many details, here is a short answer that is probably most useful.

Go from the Warsaw Airport to the Central Train Station and take an Intercity Train to Krakow.

There are no buses from the airport to Krakow. And there are no direct trains.

You can, however, arrange private shuttle or limousine services. Information about that is below.

First here is information about the Trains to Krakow

And here is information about getting from the airport to the Central Train Station.

More On Getting To Krakow From Warsaw

As a first step, there are no direct connections from the Warsaw Airport to Krakow unless you rent a car at the airport and drive, hire a limousine or rent a shuttle or take a flight to the Krakow Airport.

If you fly from the Warsaw airport to Krakow you will land at the Krakow airport which is conveniently located just outside the City. If you wish information about the Krakow airport here is a link. Krakow Airport, Poland.

If you intend to drive to Krakow from the airport here is a link to a map with the route that you can take. Map Warsaw Airport To Krakow. It is about 300 km.

Generally the roads and driving in Poland are terrible. You can see information about the Polish roads at this link. Polish Roads The one exception is the road from Warsaw to Krakow It is fairly decent but heavily traveled.

Experienced travelers in Poland avoid the use of the roads in Poland. So the option to go by car from Warsaw airport to Krakow exists, one recommends against it. Taking a train is recommended.

If you intend to take a train or bus, then there are two places you must go.

To take a bus to Krakow, then you should go to the West Bus Station. You can get there by cab or bus. Taking a bus requires you to change buses in Warsaw. Here is a link to a page that tells you how to make that trip.

But bus travel is necessarily on the Polish roads and really not the most comfortable. To take a bus you must catch the bus at one of a few locations. The main bus terminal for Warsaw is at the Warsaw West Station. You can buy bus tickets directly at the station.

And here is a link to a page that describes the Warsaw West Bus Station.

The most convenient and recommended way to get from the Warsaw airport to Krakow is to take either a bus or cab from the Warsaw airport to the Warsaw central station and take a train. There is a full page with a video on how to get to the station at Airport To Train Station.

The trains run frequently between Warsaw and Krakow. The trains on this line are well-kept. And the service is good. The trains run frequently and they are fast. The travel from Warsaw to Krakow by train takes only about three hours on the train. But when you add station time and normal delays, you should expect at least five hours.



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