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The driving force behind these projects is Gary Granai

Gary Granai was part of the first wave of Americans that came to Poland just after Poland began its transition from a centrally planned economy to a market economy. He began doing business with and in Poland in 1991.

Gary Granai has experienced the effects of the change and watched the transformation of the Polish society and Polish business. He is considered a worldwide expert an authority on Poland and Polish business. He publishes a Daily News Service that you can find at Free European News Services and writes news articles and political commentary about Poland and Polish politics that are posted at News And Views From Poland .

In the early years, foreign chambers of commerce flocked to Poland and set up offices to protect and promote the interests of companies from their home countries. Gary Granai saw that none of these chambers of commerce were interested in helping Polish companies export their products and that there were no foreign chambers of commerce doing that at all.

Gary Granai established an Internet company, the second commercial Internet provider to be established in Poland, and created the MasterPage as a vehicle to promote Poland to the English-speaking world. It was the first dual language Internet portal in Poland. Most of his early competitors in the Internet portal business have long since bankrupted. He credits his success to being old and grumpy enough to stick to the basics and not chase the fads.

Gary Granai recognized that the quality and uniqueness of Polish product was not appreciated by people in the West. At the same time, Gary Granai recognized that Polish companies had no background in marketing and very little was being done to effectively promote their products abroad. So based on his experience with the many chambers of commerce of which he was a member, and based on the recommendations of some senior business leaders in Poland, he formed the Poland Chamber, Inc. and established the portal for the Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce on Line.

Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce on Line is, like many of the foreign chambers of commerce in Poland, a private organization with absolutely no ties to the Polish government or to any other government or agency. About the Chamber.

Gary Granai looked at the plight of the small Polish business and decided to focus on helping small business in Poland compete against the large state-owned companies and large foreign owned companies that had, and still have, both the political and financial clout that the small companies lack.

Gary Granai has trained many people in the import export business and been a prime supporter of the ShopPoland amber and trade centers.

He has written books to help small businesses learn how to use the Internet as a commercial medium.

Make a full-time living on the Internet

Drop Shipping Guide

And a series of books on Amazon. See Gary Granai on Amazon

What you see below is some of the history of the projects in which Gary Granai has been involved.

Project History

Management of the Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce on Line and The MasterPage, Poland’s first international business directory, strongly supports Poland’s transition into the European Union and Poland’s strong position in the international arena.

This page gives complete contact data and company information. It also provides information about activities in which the management of the company participates.

Management stays actively involved in supporting the growth of private enterprise. An example of such support is participation in the meetings of the Action Commission For An Enlarged Euro-Atlantic Community, a program of the Center For Strategic And International Studies, Washington, D.C.. It purpose is to recommend to the 10 CEE countries improvements in market transparency and government effectiveness in the process of implementing and enforcing economic policies and regulatory standards essential to region-wide investment and business growth; and to do so in a manner which fosters increased connectivity among the 10 national markets.

Shown here is a meeting in Warsaw, Poland on September 11, 2003. Leading the meeting are Mr. George Handy, Director, International Action Commission, CSIS , Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Labour and Social Policy, Jerzy Hausner and Mr. Bogdan Klich, Member of Parliament and Chairman Of The Institute For Strategic Studies.

gary granai 7
Mr. George Handy, Director, International Action Commission, CSIS
Mr. Jerzy Hausner, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Labour and Social Policy
and Mr. Bogdan Klich, Member of Parliament and Chairman Of The Institute For Strategic Studies.
gary granai 13
Mr. George Handy leading the working session.
gary granai 11
Mr. George Handy and Mr. Gary C. Granai, Director of the Poland Chamber, Inc.
gary granai 12
Deputy Prime Minister Hausner And Mr. Gary C. Granai

Development Of The Eastern Wall Of Poland

gary granai 10
Chairman of the European Committee of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland
Marshal of the Sejm 1993-1995
Prime Minister 1995-1996

Former Prime Minster Oleksy is aggressively trying to reach a personal goal – the development of the Eastern Wall of Poland. Mr. Granai, as Director of the Poland Chamber, Inc., is shown here with PM Oleksy after a meeting on how the Poland Chamber can assist in this effort by helping companies in that region improve their exports.

Forum of European Union Chambers of Commerce

Management also strongly supported the Forum of European Union Chambers of Commerce in Poland which forum aggressively involved itself in aiding the process of Poland’s integration into the European Union.

And mangement of The Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce on Line, along with many other firms, supported Poland’s efforts to join the European Union by sponsoring EU Forum events. This group had great influence on events leading to Poland’s joining of the EU.

sponsor of
E.U. Chamber Forum Europrize 2000 and 2001 gala

gary granai 4

From right to left:

Mr. Christiano Pinzauti – This man is one of the most dynamic men in Poland. It is not possible to list all his achievements in Poland. He has been the driving force behind the EU Forum of Chambers of Commerce.

Mr. Gary C. Granai – Director of the Poland Import Export Export Chamber of Commerce on Line and International Marketing Director for BON, the owner of the MasterPage.

gary granai gary granai 1

gary granai 2 gary granai 3

gary granai 5
gary granai 6

Gary C Granai

Gary C Granai has been very active in Poland since 1991. He is the Director of the Poland Import Export Chamber of Commerce on Line, Director of the Poland Business Group, Inc. that is the owner of the MasterPage, Poland’s first International Business Portal and the Leading Trade Gateway for Poland.

Here are a few examples of his activities.

Sponsor of the Polski Las Foundation.

gary granai 29 gary granai 19

Supporter of the Polish Clown Foundation.

Sponsor of Charitable balls.

gary granai 18 gary granai 17

Sponsor of Chamber of Commerce Events.

gary granai 8 gary granai 9

One of the few Americans fully supporting and sponsoring the European Union Forum of Chambers of Commerce.

gary granai 14 gary granai 15

Often quoted as an expert in local newspapers and publications.

gary granai 21
gary granai 22

Well known in the community.

gary granai 16

Left To Right
Krzysztof Zuber, Director of Firm Bastion Consulting.
Katarzyna Swiatek, Owner of firm Internet Promocja.
Anna Zuber, Movie and Television Star.
Gary C Granai.

Author of book on doing business in Poland.

Contact Information

Contact Information For Poland MasterPage is a dual language international business portal that is maintained from offices in the United States and Poland. Services are provided from Poland by Internet Promocja. Contact MasterPage through the Polish representative office:

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Contact Information For The United States: MasterPage is owned by a Massachusetts, USA Corporation, registered in accordance with the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Contact information is as follows:

Poland Chamber, Inc.
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Call Us In Warsaw Via Our Phone In The United States – We will pick up the phone in Warsaw. You only pay the cost of a call to Webster, Massachusetts. (508) 471-4462 This is a Skype number. See Effective Use Of Skype.


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