Warsaw Airport

Things you should know about Warsaw Airport Arrival procedures and how to safely and efficiently get from the Warsaw Okecie International airport to your destination.

Warsaw Airport
Warsaw Airport


The Warsaw Airport is modern, well serviced and very efficiently run. It is compact and easy to navigate. And it is easy to get to the Warsaw City Centrum.

The airport is only about 10 km or 4 miles outside the City Center. There is another page in this series that has a map and other information that you can use at Warsaw Airport. This page discusses the arrival process and how to get to your final destination.

The arrival process is very straight forward. You first clear passport control, then you clear customs control and then you are free to go to the arrival hall. The process is simple and quite fast. You will find the people at customs generally courteous and helpful. The people at passport control can be quite sullen. They generally speak

The video shows what you see when you come into the arrival hall and it gives you information about using the train to the city center.

It also has some very good information about cabs and general information. Start with this video.

In the arrival hall you can meet people who are waiting for you. And you will find many services offered to you. You can change money, visit the Tourist Information Booth, get transportation arrangements, contact your hotels, and get money from an ATM machine.

Visit the ATM machine and get 100 zloty pocket money. It will make things easy for you. You can buy a newspaper, a bus ticket, candy or whatever.

Most people take a cab to the Warsaw City Centrum. The City of Warsaw allows only approved taxi cab companies to service airport arrivals. You can read about how to use these taxi cabs at this link. How To Get To Warsaw From The Warsaw Airport By Taxi Cab The cost to get from the airport to the Centrum is about 35 zloty.

Do not take any cab but one of the approved cabs or you are likely to get a bill that is beyond belief. You have no recourse to the police. You took the cab. You pay the fee. Ignore the private taxi touts who will approach you in the arrival hall.

Your hotel in Warsaw may have a private shuttle bus that is already at the airport. Even if you do not have reservations, they will take you to their hotel in Warsaw. This is a highly recommend option.

You may rent also rent a car. Information is available in the arrival hall. Information about driving in Poland is at this link. Polish Roads

There is a public bus that runs from the Airport to the Warsaw City Centrum. It costs about 3 zloty per person. It is Bus 175 Warsaw, Poland. It passes the Warsaw Central Train Station , the Marriott Hotel, (Hotel Marriott Warsaw, About, How To Get There And Reservations), the Warsaw Centrum Novotel and then wanders down Nowy Swiat to the Warsaw Poland Old Town

Bus Number 175 is notorious for being a haven for pickpockets. It can take up to 40 minutes to travel to the City Centrum by bus number 175. Add to that any time that you have to wait for the bus to be at the stop and ready to take passengers. A cab will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

You can read more about bus number 175 how to use it and how to be safe at this link. Bus 175 Warsaw, Poland

The difference in the cost of a cab and the cost of bus 175 should be considered a cheap insurance policy. And if time is important to you, the value of a cab is higher yet.


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