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Poland’s Culture And Traditions

To learn the culture in Poland, you must really interact with the Polish culture. And that means that you must meet the Polish people. The culture in Poland is unique and has a great historical base. This page gives you some background about the culture in Poland so that you are better prepared to understand Poland. This web page contains information that was written by Polish people who want to be sure that their culture is properly presented. It contains many short briefs that cover everything about Poland from dieting to dating. It is a mere introduction. But it is a good introduction that will help you get started with the culture in Poland.

Poland is a country of regions. And there are definite, probably better described as significant, differences in the cultures of the various regions.

As an extreme example, the Polish language as spoken in the Tatra Mountains region cannot be understood by the vast majority of Polish people living outside that region.

The city of Warsaw is a cultural world unto itself. The people and lifestyle there is remarkably different from other cities in the country.

So when you travel, do not expect to understand the lifestyle and culture of one city as compared to another without having visited both.

There are, however, certain things that you will find everywhere.

There is a sharp political divide with the Roman Catholic Church being powerful and politically oriented towards one political party. The divide is a long the borders of the countryside and the cities. And within the cities the divide is between the younger and older age groups with the younger age groups being more Western and liberal oriented.

In recent years has become marked by hatred and a discussion of politics is something that you should be careful to avoid.

The Internet is a binding medium. If you are interested in meeting people in Poland and getting a good flavor for the region to which you will be traveling, use the online chat rooms that you find in the online meeting sites. Read about them here.

The importance of name day cannot be over emphasized. You should understand that. Read about name day here.

The most common food found everywhere are pierogi and Polish sausage. You can read about them here.

The people are fiercely independent. For a large part of the population there is a deep distrust of the European Union, even though the European Union has been a major factor in the improvement of the lifestyle of most of the people of Poland.

And there is a deep distrust of Russia. In some areas, there is still a lingering distrust and resentment towards Germany. The scars of World War II are still, too many, like open wounds.

Final Notes

By and large, when you get down in with the little people, they are a lot of fun. This video shows a great bit of entertainment at a ski lodge in southern Poland.

What great people!

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