Warsaw Airport Train Station

The Warsaw Airport to the Central Train Station in Warsaw

Warsaw Central Station
Warsaw Central Station

How to get to the Warsaw Train Station from the Warsaw Airport by bus or taxi cab.


The Central Station (Dworzec Centralna or Warsawa Centralna ) located in the center of Warsaw at Al Jerozolimskie 59. It is one of those things that you can’t miss.

Here is a video and more information about the train station. And here is a map that shows the route from the Warsaw Airport to the train station. Map Airport Train Station.

You can get to the Central Station from the Warsaw Airport by bus or taxi. A rail connection is under construction. This page will be updated when that is completed.

In the mean time the information below will help you make the transfer.

Only approved taxis may pick up passengers at the airport terminals. The taxi fare rates are posted on the windows of the cabs. In light traffic a trip will take about 15 minutes. By bus it will take about 1/2 hour.

There is a public bus that you can take from outside the arrival hall. It is bus number 175. You can buy tickets on the bus by using the automatic ticket dispenser. The videos below show you more details.

Bus 175 will take you to a bus stop directly across the street from the Central Station and directly in front of the Marriott Hotel. To the right is a picture of the approach to the Marriott hotel and the bus stop at which you get off the bus.

So that this information is meaningful, we have made a videos related to Warsaw airport to the train station.

If you come to Warsaw, you are likely to use taxi cabs, Caution – There are some taxi drivers that will charge up to 10 times, and more, the normal rate. If you get in a cab and get the bill, you must pay it. The police do not sympathize. It is up to you to check the rate before you take your trip. Here is a link to information about taxis.


Warsaw Airport Train Station
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