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About Polish food together with a collection of popular recipes.

Polish food can be grouped into two classes. There are traditional old favorites and then there is the food that you see served in many of the restaurants and modern homes in Poland.

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Polish Food Favorites

International Foods

There is another section that covers restaurants and places to eat at this link. Eating Out

In the major cities you will find certain restaurants that advertise Polish food. In them you can find the old favorites and other less often seen old Polish recipes.

You will also find some restaurants that specialize in pierogi.

But by and large, most of the restaurants in the major cities cater to the younger population and the offerings are more international in nature.

Creativity is the watchword in many of these restaurants.

There are also many restaurants that offer foreign food. Kebab and pizza are everywhere, and in the close distance is shusi.

International fast food chains dot the highways and cities. Hamburgers and fried chicken are now part of the Polish food scene.

In this web site we have many videos showing how to make some traditional Polish foods. They are made in Poland following old Polish family recipes. You are invited to watch them to help you with your cooking endeavors.

If you have any Polish recipes that you would like to contribute or a video you would like linked, please contact us.

Cabbage With Mushrooms

Here are other Polish Recipes,

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLFBD73F2B9EC0547A&layout=gallery[/embedyt]


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