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The north coast of Poland is famous for its amber. The ancients new of the importance of amber and traveled the “Amber Road” that started in the city of Gdansk, Poland and lead to the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

It is estimated that in the forests in the northern part of Poland there is enough amber to supply the world for the next 1000 years. Because of the amount of it in northern Poland and the history and experience of the Polish people with jewelry, Poland is the world leader in high-quality jewelry business.

Thousands of small companies and artists design unique pieces; sometimes working only for one or two high-quality jewelry buyers.

Polish companies and artists that make this type product cater to the up scale market and do not compete on price. They ignore the low end markets that are supplied by Far Eastern companies who all too often are more interested in selling low-quality and low price counterfeit products copied from Polish designers.

Since every piece of made by nature is unique, every piece of jewelry made with pure natural Baltic amber is one-of-a-kind. And Polish artists understand how to best use each piece of to show its beauty and to create a unique creation to be appreciated by a discriminating collector.

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