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Corona Virus Poland 19 March, 2012

This is a summary of Coronavirus related news from Poland. Eighteen new cases of coronavirus, tally exceeds 300 –   Poland will create an economy stimulation fund The Prime Minister announced that the government will create a fund worth PLN 30 billion to stimulate the economy in order to anticipate a possible economic slowdown […]

Coronavirus Cures

As of 18 March, 2020, here is our latest information about Coronavirus cures. THIS IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY AND NOT TO CONSTRUED IN ANY WAY TO BE MEDICAL ADVICE. DO NOT ACT ON ANY OF THIS INFORMATION WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT OF YOUR DOCTOR.   Australians Claim They Found A Cure Have they found a cure […]

Coronavirus Poland Update 18 March 2020

This is a summary of information about Coronavirus in Poland as of 20 March, 2020 238 Confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 5 dead in P{oland as of 17 March 2020.   After over two weeks of hospitalisation, the first individual to be diagnosed with coronavirus in Poland will soon go home, as he tested […]

Poland Corona Virus Update 17 March 2020

This is a daily update of information about coronavirus in Poland. ——- A drug produced by a Polish pharmaceutical company has turned out to be useful in the treatment of viral pneumonia caused by coronavirus infections, according to Polish health authorities. For now, the drug, Arachin, will only be available in hospitals. ——— The Polish […]


Polish culture and about the culture of the people of Poland. Polish culture is explained in this catagory from many perspectives. If you want information about everyday manners, go to Poland’s Culture Everyday The information that you see below gives you necessary historical background about the Polish Culture. It helps you understand the everyday Polish […]

Tourist Warning By American Embassy Warsaw

We are publishing here a copy of a security alert sent to us by the US Embassy Warsaw . Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Warsaw – September 13, 2019 Location: Major cities and tourist destinations throughout Poland The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw advises U.S. citizens of an increasing number of reported incidents in tourist destinations throughout […]

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