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Corona Virus August 9, 2021

Approximately 50% of the people in Poland have been vaccinated. Anti virus campaigns have discouraged many from being vaccinated. The highest percentage of vaccinations is in the cities. Ironically the lowest vaccination rate is in the countryside where the Government supporters are dominant. This is in spite of the Government exhorting people to get vaccinated. […]


Polish culture and about the culture of the people of Poland. Polish culture is explained in this catagory from many perspectives. If you want information about everyday manners, go to Poland’s Culture Everyday The information that you see below gives you necessary historical background about the Polish Culture. It helps you understand the everyday Polish […]

Tourist Warning By American Embassy Warsaw

We are publishing here a copy of a security alert sent to us by the US Embassy Warsaw . Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Warsaw – September 13, 2019 Location: Major cities and tourist destinations throughout Poland The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw advises U.S. citizens of an increasing number of reported incidents in tourist destinations throughout […]

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