Dabki Poland Lake Bukowo Beach

Things you should know about the beach on Lake Bukowo in Dabki Poland with the wind surfing school.

In the Western part of the Pomeranian Region of Poland there is a large lake called Bukowo. On the Northeastern shore of Lake Bukowo is the Town of Dabki. That Town enjoys beaches both on the Baltic Sea as well as on Lake Bukowo.

In the video below you can see more information about that lakeside beach. And here is information about the seaside beach.

It is small. But very few people use it. Most who come to Dabki go to the seaside beach. So the lakeside beach is essentially left to people who like to sail and go windsurfing.

A particularly nice thing about the Dabki beach on Lake Bukowo is that it is shielded from the Baltic winds by the trees on the shorline. Of course, a bit offshore, there is more than enough wind for excellent windsurfing. But close to shore the winds are manageable for the beginners who are taking lessons.

The beach is neat and clean. There is nice parking in the trees behind the beach. And the walk from your car to the water is less than 100 meters.

The water stay shallow for a long way from the shoreline. That makes it safe swimming for the kids and it also makes it easy to get back on a windsurf board.

There are toilets and places to get food and drink.

Rooms and other lodging are close by. Actually the beach is on the edge of an area with many places to stay.

And it is a short walk to the center of town.

In our Baltic Coast Playlist of videos, there are more views of Dabki and its beaches. Click on this link to see those videos. Baltic Coast

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