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About starting and running a Polish Pottery Business online and running a Polish Pottery Business offline. It contains many general comments about different aspects of the business.

Polish Pottery
Polish Pottery

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About the Polish Pottery Business

When starting a business, one should consider not only the product itself, but those things that affect one’s ability to deliver the product. And that ability to deliver product depends on many things.

In the Polish pottery business, the most difficult part of the equation is getting enough product to be a reliable supplier for your customers. Small business owners typically underestimate what it takes to get product from the factories. And they underestimate the competition against which they are working.

This page gives you a solution to the problem that you have and that is how to get enough product and how to set up your business to be profitable.

Polish pottery factories are not in the business of supplying small customers. They are in the business of supplying large distributors who then in turn supply small distributors and retailers. So small distributors rely on the larger distributors and not the factories.

The Polish factories also have limited production capability. To supply the larger distributors, they are often a few months behind in delivery.


Being behind in delivery means that distributors have to have a lot of money tied up in deposits for inventory. Because this means that sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars must be tied up for the delivery of pottery that will take place in several months, most people are effectively unable to maintain significant inventory of Polish pottery on the floor.

Success in the Polish pottery business comes if you are a reliable supplier. Here are a few ways that you can achieve that status.

You will have more success if you supply a local market. Most of the population is a long-distance from the large distributors. Take advantage of this by making an arrangement with a large distributor, by at wholesale prices and establish a small regional off-line shop.

You can, of course, and really should, have a website to promote your business and sell online as well.

If you lack capital, start with a small selection of fast movers. Cups and saucers always sell. Whether you have a gift shop or restaurant or hotel campground or whatever, you can start some cups and they will move.

If you have no money for inventory for place for an off-line shop, use Amazon as your supplier. That is a simple matter of setting up a business account with Amazon and becoming an Amazon affiliate. Once you’ve done that, establish an Amazon affiliate store and populated with Polish pottery that are sold on Amazon.

That’s a fairly simple thing to do, but if you would like complete step by step instructions, read the dropship guide that you find at this link.

You will find that you can probably make more money by establishing your own free online store using move commerce and adding not only Polish pottery but other products that you can get from drop shippers or small items that you can inventory yourself.

Once again this is laid out in detail in the dropship guide at this link. Read about drop shipping here.

But step one is to do your homework. In Polish lobbyists there are many more suppliers than just the big names. If you visit the city you will find many small outlets maintain by smaller Polish pottery factory. Their product is excellent and service is generally excellent.

We recommend that you start by looking at the various Polish pottery catalogs and contacting the smaller companies to find out what they have available and what they can do for you. This link will help you do that. Click Here.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions contact us..


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