Russian Pierogi Polish Recipe

Russian Pierogi

Russian Pierogi Potato Filling
Russian Pierogi Potato Filling

How to make Russian Pierogi and the pierogi filling.

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Russian Pierogi are pierogi that are filled with potatoes and cheese.

Perhaps the most popular of the potato filling for pierogi is the combination of potatoes, farmers cheese and onion that is used to make what is commonly called Russian pierogi.

You can be sure to find this on the menus in restaurants and offered when pierogi are offered at outdoor events and other gatherings.

Potatoes, as well as farmers cheese, form the base for many different pierogi fillings.

There is complete information about making pierogi, pierogi fillings and garnishes that you find under this link. Pierogi.

In this page, however, we will discuss the Russian pierogi filling itself.

It is really quite simple to make. Consists of one part potatoes, one part farmers cheese, and three quarters to one part sautéed onions with salt and pepper added to taste.

You can see a video of this being made at this link. Potato Filling

To make the filling just combine the above and ingredients and mix them until they blend well. It is best to use a tabletop mixer, and mixer or to mix it by hand. A food processor blade spins just too fast to make of filling that has the correct consistency.

When mashing the potatoes for this filling, do not add extra liquid. The filling should be stiff so that you can properly add it to the pierogi. The picture at the top right of this page shows properly made Russian pierogi filling.

Be careful as to how much filling you make. A pierogi circle is filled with between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon of filling.

1 cup of filling contains 15 tablespoons which is equivalent to 45 teaspoons.

So 2 cups of filling can make as many as 90 pierogi.

So as a test, before you make this Russian pierogi filling, decide on how many pierogi you want to make. Then use only the amounts of the ingredients that will result in the amount of Russian pierogi filling that you want.

Here are other Russian Pierogi videos.

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