How to make the many different kinds of pierogi from boiled to deep fried.

Everything About Pierogi

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There are four steps to the preparation of pierogi.

They are the preparation of the filling, the preparation of the dough, filling and sealing, and cooking and serving.

The preparation of the filling is probably the most critical item in the process because when it comes down to your finished product, it’s all about the filling.

Yes to preparation of the dough filling and sealing and cooking are important. And you have to take care with them. But people want the taste of the filling. That is how they ask for their pierogi. By the filling name. Not by the dough name.

The recipes for the doughs are simple and straightforward. It takes but a couple minutes to add the ingredients to a bowl and but two or three minutes of kneading to have a finished dough.

In this website we take you through a good part of the pierogi making and serving process. But you will note at the right a book that was written in Warsaw Poland that covers everything about pierogi.

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Read “Everything About Pierogi” because it has the most information about pierogi that we know of. Click on Everything About Pierogi

In the video just below you can see how simple it is to fill pierogi. Using one of the simple pierogi tools you can have perfectly filled and perfectly sealed pierogi every time.


The most popular pierogi are the boiled pierogi. You find them everywhere in Poland.

But there are very many other places and restaurants that you can get different kinds of pierogi such as the baked and deep-fried pierogi.

And then of course the very popular spinach and short crust pierogi cannot go without mention.

At the bottom of this page we have a site map for Polish food. And within that site map you can find a separate section related to pierogi. You are invited to review that site map.

We also have a very special video channel for pierogi. And there is a playlist showing the many videos that we have published on making pierogi.

That video channel is called and here is a link to it. Making Pierogi

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