Pierogi Recipes

A listing of pierogi recipes in video and in text.

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Pierogi is one of the traditional foods of Poland. It is a traditional family food that is served in homes all over Poland.

At the bottom of this page is a site map for Polish food. Within the site map there is a pierogi section that links out to some specific pierogi recipes.

There is also a YouTube channel dedicated only the making pierogi. It is at Making Pierogi

There are some things that you should really consider regardless of what recipe you use.

First, people the pierogi for the taste of the filling. Spend a lot of time working on your filling.

As far as the dough goes, a dough recipe is nothing more than some flour, salt, and enough water to bind good dough together so that you can knead it.

If you are really interested in making pierogi, the book everything about pierogi gets into a lot more detail than we can in any webpage which by the nature of the Internet is more of a summary. That book gives extensive information and is one of a kind.

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There are many types of pierogi. For the most part they are distinguished by the filling. But then the doughs and method of cooking vary.

The standard dough is rather like a pasta dough and is typical of boiled dumpling doughs made all over the world.

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There are also those made with whole wheat and spinach doughs.

Most pierogi are boiled and served or boiled and then fried before serving.

There are also pierogi that are baked. You don’t see them very often except at some very popular restaurants in Torun and Wroclaw, Poland.

And as for eating outside the home, pierogi is a standard offering in Polish restaurants. In fact, in the larger cities, there are restaurants that offer only pierogi.

Today pierogi are somewhat like pasta in the sense that almost no one makes his own. People by everything fully prepared at shops and markets all over the country.

And at outdoor events, you can most often find someone offering pierogi.

During holidays when families need large numbers for the table, they often make special orders to chosen shops that have fine reputations for their offerings.

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