Pierogi Cookbook Plus Pierogi Maker

Homemade Pierogi Cookbook Plus Pierogi Maker And Dumpling Mold

Everything that you need to make perfect pierogi every time.

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Pierogi are rated as the most popular food in Poland.

Pierogi lovers will enjoy this combination of authentic Polish pierogi recipes that you can use to make perfect pierogi with great fillings and sauces and fillings plus the convenience of using a handy kitchen tool that makes up to 14 traditionally sized 1 ¼ by 3 inch pierogi in a minute.

The pierogi maker is very easy to use – even by the kids – and you can make perfect pierogi every time, even if you have never made them before.

It makes for great family fun when everyone can get involved and make perfect pierogi.

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This tool, very popular, in Poland, saves the Polish pierogi makers a lot of time as they make their families pierogi. You find it in Polish kitchens all over the country.

Made in Poland, it has been tested for quality by the Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce Online.

Measuring 9 by 9.5 by .7 inches and weighing 5.5 ounces, it is dishwasher safe, unbreakable polystyrene, and carries a lifetime guarantee against breakage. It won’t scratch your counter top or break glass when you store it. Being light and flat, you can hang it on a wall or easily store it in a drawer.

The cookbook, Homemade Pierogi, was written in Poland by an accomplished cooking instructor who has spend years traveling Poland and learning from the best pierogi makers in the world – Polish grandmothers – how to make and serve authentic Polish pierogi. And he has also spent hundreds of hours with modern Polish women learning how pierogi are made quickly and easily in modern kitchens.

The cookbook is supported by a videos that you can watch to see in real time every step of the process. Watch on your kindle, pad or smart phone while you make your own pierogi. After reading this cookbook you will be ready to use your modern kitchen tools to make and serve these delicious delicacies for your family and guests. And you will be able to make them quickly with the PierogiKing™ Pierogi Maker.

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