How To Cook Pierogi

How To Cook Pierogi And Prepare Them For The Table

About cooking pierogi and how to properly prepare them for serving on the holiday table.

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People eat with their eyes. So when you cook your pierogi, do it with the your view of how they will look when you serve them.

Fried Pierogi
Fried Pierogi

This page gives you tips and hints on how to cook pierogi and how to present them well on the table.

Note that we are discussing in this page the common boiled savory and sweet pierogi. We are not discussing the many other types of pierogi that are the favorites of many people in Poland.

Those are covered in detail in the Pierogi section of the Polish Recipe Book.

Dessert pierogi, meaning those with fruit or sweet cheese filings are served with sour cream, sugar or sour cream and sugar. Boil them, put them on a plate and give the plate some color.

Add a garnish of some form. A jelly, some fresh fruit or ice cream make nice garnishes.

If you serve a pierogi with a properly flavored dough, you will find that many people ignore the creams, etc. and eat the plain pierogi.

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Savory pierogi, those that are filled with meat, mushrooms and so on, can be served either after boiling or boiling and sauteing.

Sauteed pierogi are often served with fried onions as a topping.

You can also serve pierogi with a sauce. Some even add an apple sauce topping.

It is best to watch our videos that shows many different ways that pierogi are served. You should be able to get ideas for your own presentation. They are on YouTube in at Making Pierogi

In that channel there are several videos showing pierogi being served at restaruants and in the home. Just go to the channel and click on the pierogi playlist.

We also invite you to read about the Pierogi Cookbook.

If you have any serving suggestions, please let us know by contacting us through the contact form.

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