Everything About Pierogi

Everything About Pierogi

Pierogi cooking lesions plus traditional, authentic and modern recipes from Poland.

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There is, however, an excellent book that covers everthing about making pierogi.

Here is a review of that cookbook:

Authentic Polish Pierogi Recipes
Directly From Poland

A cookbook, published in Warsaw, Poland, filled with authentic pierogi recipes as made in Poland by everyone from home pierogi makers to Polish cooking champions. All that you need to make everything from every day pierogi to special occasion delicacies. And it is priced at only $2.95.

An accomplished cook in his own right, the author has spent years traveling Poland, listening, watching, making videos and gathering information about Polish cooking. He presents you with a collection of recipes, pictures and videos that you can use to make perfect, authentic pierogi that will impress you, your family and friends.

Nothing can be more instructive than to listen to and watch Polish women who make pierogi day in and day out all year round. After having organized wonderful information gathered from them on his trips around the Country, the author presents you with recipes for many doughs, fillings, garnishes and sauces plus tips, hints, techniques and secrets that make the difference. Plus you get to watch them on exclusive videos showing exactly how they make pierogi in Poland.

Following the steps in this cookbook uniquely filled with pictures and linked videos that show you everything from making dough in your food processor to the proper way to use a pierogi press, you find pierogi making easy and fun for the whole family.

You get recipes for doughs, fillings, garnishes and sauces plus those tips, hints and secrets that make the difference..

This cookbook is uniquely filled with pictures and an instructional video index the video showing everything from making dough in your food processor (and mixer) to the proper way to use a pierogi press.

The book covers everything you need for making everything from everyday pierogi to special occasion delicacies.

Item Specifics

Language: English

Length: 61 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches.

Format: Hardcover books being expensive and CD’s not always useable, today the world is one of laptops, tablets and other portable smart devices. So this book is made available by download in two file formats – .pdf and MOBI ( for kindle). Using these files the cookbook can be printed, read on your computer, kindle, android or Ipad

Content: Pierogi, international dumplings with an ethic flavor, are perhaps the favorite food in Poland. This book covers pierogi as made in Poland over the centuries and teaches you how to make perfect pierogi every time in your modern kitchen using today’s ingredients and equipment.

You get recipes for different types of doughs – the most popular pierogi dough in Poland, savory pierogi dough, blanched pierogi dough, common pierogi dough, baked pierogi dough, sweet pierogi dough, whole wheat pierogi dough, spelt pierogi dough, spinach pierogi dough, raised pierogi dough,watercrust pierogi dough, piroshky dough, russian pierogi dough and gingerbread pierogi dough.

You get recipes for sweet fillings from Sweet Cheese to Blueberry and for savory fillings from Potato and Cheese to Savory Duck.

You get recipes for 20 garnishes.

You learn how to cook them – boil, bake, fry, deep fry – garnish them and properly serve them.

Plus you get tips, hints and instructions that show you how to make them quickly and easily to the point where you learn how to make up to 14 pierogi per minute.

And everything is accompanied by videos. Videos that show you exactly how to do it. Making doughs, making fillings, using mixers, food processors, pierogi presses, cooking, serving and everything else that can help you enjoy the world of pierogi.



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