Warsaw Trams

Warsaw Trams

How to use the Warsaw trams including tram maps and routes.

A Warsaw Tram
A Warsaw Tram

When you come to Warsaw you will very quickly notice a large number of trams that cruise up and down the main streets.

Due to the heavy traffic jams in Warsaw, many commuters prefer to use the trams to get around in this city. During the day you will find many of the trams filled with people packed sardine style

But at other times you will find many of the trams have standing room with an occasional seat available.

The message you that you get from this is that trams are a preferred mode of transformation for the people even though riding them can be uncomfortable.

The same tickets the you use on buses in Warsaw can be used on trams in Warsaw. And the same tickets can be used on the Warsaw Metro.

A Warsaw Tram Stop
A Warsaw Tram Stop

Tickets bought in Warsaw cannot be used in any other city in Poland.

The trams in Warsaw come in many shapes and sizes. The tram fleet is continually being upgraded and you will see some of the most modern trams in the world. At the same time you will see some trams that are really historical relics and have not been replaced simply due to a lack of funding.

The trams generally run down the center of the main streets. You will see tram stops marked by red topped kiosks that are generally in the center the street.

Sometimes there is no kiosk and only a sign with tram numbers.

When you go to a tram stop kiosk, you will generally see a map that shows where the trams for the various tramlines are.

If you’re going to take a tram in Warsaw, it is highly recommended that you take your first experience on one of these trams with a local Polish person who can point out what they consider to be the best and safest way for you to get started.

Before taking an excursion by tram, it is best for you to look at a local map and find someone at your hotel or restaurant who can tell you which trams to take and where to change, if necessary. Mark the places where you will change on the map.

When you get on the tram you will see a sign that shows all the stops that the tram will make. That sign can be a white sign on one of the windows or a digital sign either on the window or in the overhead.

Trams are money and time savers. If you’re going to be in Warsaw for any period of time, and are on a limited budget, learn how to use a tram.


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