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About and how to use Warsaw Poland buses including buying bus tickets.

There is an excellent public transportation system in Warsaw that is made up of buses and trams. In this page we will discuss the busses. A link to information about trams is at the bottom of this page.

There are busses everywhere in Warsaw. They are very popular among local people because they are inexpensive, available and get you around the city without having to worry about finding a parking space for a car.

Bus stops around Warsaw can generally be identified by the plastic topped, red kiosks. These are being replaced with aluminum versions. Some stops only have a blue and white sign.

Bus stops around Warsaw can generally be identified by plastic topped, red kiosks. One must note, however, that in many locations there is no room for the kiosk. So in place of one you will see a blue sign on a pole. The blue sign will have on it a picture of a bus. On each of the kiosks and/or signs there will be a series of numbers that identify which buses stop at that particular kiosk.

A kiosk will also have posted a map of the various bus routes. An it will have the bus schedules with the stops.

You’ll see numbers in black and numbers in red.

Black numbers indicate that the bus stops at every bus stop on its path.

Red numbers indicate a fast bus that skips many of the bus stops that are on its path..

At most of the kiosks you will see a map that shows the bus routes for the various buses. If you take some time to look at the map you can learn to choose which bus to take.

There will also be a small card that shows the times the busses arrive at the stop and lists the stops that the bus makes.

Most maps that you buy Warsaw also show the bus lines and the stops that each make.

Tickets for the buses come in various forms. There are many variations from single ride, daily, to monthly tickets. A single ride typically costs 3 or so Zloty.

Tickets are typically bought at kiosks that you find around Warsaw. Here’s a picture of a typical “Ruch” kiosk where you can buy the tickets.

Alternatively you can generally get help at your hotel if you need tickets.

Tickets allow you to ride both the buses and trams.

Warsaw is like every other city in Europe. When you ride a bus be very careful to protect your personal belongings.

If you are arriving at the Warsaw airport and wish to get to the Warsaw Centrum, Bus 175 is the bus that you will choose. Information about Bus 175 is at Bus 175 Warsaw, Poland.

In Warsaw travel by bus is the most convenient and lowest cost way to travel.

When you get your hotel spend some time with the hotel staff and get their recommendations as to what bus numbers you should look for to get to the Old Town and other shopping districts. Also get their recommendations as to what type ticket you should get for the time that your going to be in Warsaw. Ask them to write a note about what you need, in Polish, that you can give to the ticket vendor.

You can also get information about taxicabs at About Taxi Cabs in Warsaw Poland.

Likewise there is information about the trams in Warsaw at Trams in Warsaw.

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