Bus And Tram Tickets Poland

Tram In Warsaw
Tram In Warsaw

Bus And Tram Tickets Poland

How to buy and use bus and tram tickets in Poland.

Please note that this page discusses local commuter tickets. For long distance bus tickets, go to Bus Travel In Poland

The information here can be applied to buying tickets for trams and buses in all cities in Poland. The information here, however, speaks specifically about Warsaw because it is the main travel hub for people coming to Poland. Once you learn how the system works in Warsaw, you will have learned how it generally works in Poland.

Rule Number One – Always buy and then validate a ticket on the validator used on the system you are using. If you are unsure how to do this, ask someone – even in sign language. It is VERY expensive if a ticket inspector catches you without a ticke.

You use the same tickets on the trams, buses and the metro. They are very inexpensive and very easy to get. There are many different kinds of tickets at very many different prices. But to make things easy, we will talk about the ones that you are likely to use most.

First let us talk about how the system works.

On each tram and bus, and at the entrance to the metro there is either an electronic yellow box into which you insert a small ticket that has on it a magnetic strip. Once it is entered into the box and accepted a time and date stamp is printed on the ticket. Keep the ticket until you are off the tram, bus or out of the metro station. You may be asked to show it.

All around there are plain clothes ticket inspectors. They are like some form of secret service. The pop up and display a badge that says that they are an inspector. They have little hand helds that they use to check the validity of tickets. You will have to give them yours.

Do not get on a tram, bus or go into the waiting area of the metro without a ticket. And as soon as you get on a tram or bus, put your ticket in the box. Do not delay. The ticket inspectors are nothing short of tough. They are fast and hope to catch people before they can cancel their tickets. They take no excuses. Just money.

If you do not see most of the people putting tickets in the box it is because they have monthly tickets. Monthly tickets give them unlimited rides and they do not have to show them unless an inspector asks.

If you make a mistake and a ticket inspector decides to fine you, do NOT take his suggestion to give him money. Take the written paper that he gives you and pay the fine the right way. You may end up paying more for trying to bribe a ticket inspector.

You can get a ticket at the Kiosks, news stands and at many hotel service desks. There are several kinds of tickets. Here is a picture of a kiosk typical of one that sells tickets.

The one of most interest to you are the single ride ticket and the tickets that are valid for a period of time. The single ride ticket costs about 3 zloty.

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