Warsaw Uprising Museum

Things you should know about the Warsaw Uprising Museum


Warsaw Uprising Museum
Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Polish page for the museum is 1944.pl

Being housed in an old power plant building in the Wola district of Warsaw, it is definitely not on the usual tourist path. And it is not one of those places that tourists who normally come to Poland for a short visit generally think about seeing.

There is a large area outside the building with a memory wall, pictures and some relics recovered from the rubble.

The display inside the building is stunning.

Schedule at least half a day to be able to take in all that is there.

There are a couple tickets that you will need. If you miss this little fact, you can, perhaps, miss what is probably the most shocking exhibit in the building. And that is the movie made on an over flight by a German plane that showed the look of Warsaw after the destruction. The movie was a propaganda movie.

In the basement of the museum there are reconstructed sewer tunnels that allow you to experience the claustrophobic feelings of the people who fled the center of Warsaw as the uprising failed.

In all, this is one of those places that has gathered and assembled all that that you need to fully understand what happened and how it happened.

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