Warsaw To Krakow Train

Warsaw To Krakow By Train

Traveling From Warsaw Poland To Krakow, or Cracow, by train. How to and where to get help.

Traveling from Warsaw to Krakow by train is very easy. The trains from Warsaw to Krakow are fast and frequent. As long as you are able to get to the Central Station in Warsaw, you can easily make it to the train and get to Krakow.

The first step is getting the central station known as Dworzec Centralna. Warsaw Central Train Station It is in the center of Warsaw which is locally known as the Centrum. Her is information about the Central Station.

The trains to Krakow run about every hour for most of the day. So for all practical purposes, there is no need to rush unless you already have tickets and reservations for a particular train.

The train ride can take about three hours at a minimum. But you have to add in station time at each end to get the actual travel time involved.

Below are some examples of trains from Warsaw to Krakow. Those shown leave either from Warszawa Centralna (the Central Train Station) or Warszawa Zachodni (the West Train Station.)


The train schedules and prices shown are for illustration only. Prices change constantly.

Schedules, prices and ticket availability must be checked by going to Train Reservations Poland.

You will go via an intercity train. They are fast, modern trains. For complete information about intercity trains, see Poland Train Transportation

There is a dining car on each intercity train. Sandwiches and snacks are also served from a cart that makes pretty much continual tracks up and down the aisles.

For the most part, the staff on the train speak English and often other languages such as German. They are generally courteous and helpful.

You buy tickets for the train in the upper arrival hall. The people in the ticket booths generally speak English or enough English to help you.

There is a departure board in the arrival hall just above the steps that go down to the train platforms. The departing trains are listed on the part of the board that says “Odjazdy”. You will see the track number after the word Krakow and the departure time will be shown.

The trains are two levels down from the main hall.

You can get online information about train tickets at this link. Buying Train Tickets And Using The Trains

If you have time, you can visit the Zlote Terasy Shopping Mall that is next to the Central Train Station.


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