Warsaw Poland Zoo

Things you should know about the Zoo in Warsaw and how to get there.

Lions At Warsaw Zoo

Warsaw, because of the number of local parks is known as a green city. And one of the largest and popular parks is the Warsaw, Zoo that lies on the North Side of Warsaw and just across the Wisla River Bridge Most Gdanski.

Below this text there is a video that shows you how to get to the zoo by bike across Most Gdanski

The zoo has many exhibits, indoor and outdoor. And there is a nice selection of snack, ice cream and waffle stands to keep everyone satisfied.

It is well laid out and well kept. The animals are given ample room in nicely designed and well maintained areas.

The cost of the exhibits are offset by coroporate sponsors. Sponsors, therefore, have a lot of influence on keeping the areas and the animals in good shape.

You are treated to everything from elephants on down to spiders and ants.

Parking around the zoo can be a real hassle on weekends. Parking is free, in spite of the exhortations of some of the self appointed parking assistants who show you where there is a free space.

Schedule a full day for your visit. There is a lot to see and it is a great place to relax.

Here is a map.

And the video

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