Warsaw Metro Tickets

Typical Multi Language Ticket Dispensing Machine

Things you should know about and how to buy Warsaw Metro Tickets.

First do note that commuter tickets can be used on any system. Warsaw Poland Tram, Bus And Commuter Train Tickets Interchangeable

You can buy tickets to the Metro at many locations there are generally automatic ticket dispensing machines somewhere at the entrance to or in the corridors before the gates to the ticket required area.

If you have difficulties buying a ticket, there is no shortage of people who will help you.

Additionally, you can buy at many of the shops that sell paper goods that you find in the Metro corridors.

And then beyond that, at some stations there are city transportation points where you can buy not only daily tickets or individual ride tickets bought the longer-term tickets.

Because the tickets are interchangeable for all of the local communication systems in Warsaw, wherever you can buy a tram ticket or a bus ticket, when you buy one of those you are effectively buying a ticket that can be used on the Metro.

If you use the elevator entrance to the validated ticket area, there will either be a validation machine before you enter the elevator or after you get to the platform.

Be sure to validate your ticket. It is very expensive if you are caught either without a ticket or one that has not been validated.

One can purchase monthly passes at the metro line ticket service offices. One can be found on the shopping level in the central station. Each station has such an office.

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