Veturilo Bike Rental Service

Riding a bike is an extremely efficient way to get around Warsaw Poland.

There is an extremely well developed network of bike paths throughout the city. Those are subject of another video.

This video covers Veturilo which is one of the largest urban bike rental systems in Europe. Veturilo has almost 350 stations with almost 5000 bikes positioned around Warsaw.

The system is extremely popular. Often times there will be no bikes available at some stations and you will have to either wait for a return are walked to the next.

You have to register in the system which takes about 1 minute online and requires a deposit of 10 zloty.

The first 20 minutes of bike usage are free. After that the costs increase the longer you keep a bike.

Savvy users hop from station to station and return one bike before the 20 minute. And rent another.

Getting the bike is very simple. One can use one of the applications available for your phone and scan the bike registration number or enter the number and the bike will be automatically unlocked. Or you can use the registration system on the control panel at the station. Directions in Polish and English are available and service operators speak Polish English and other languages.

The bikes are sturdy and well maintained. Service trucks visit the stations and people examine each bike daily. Bikes are redistributed among stations every day.

Bikes are available to rent seven days a week, 24 hours per day from the beginning of March until the end of November.

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