Unique Polish Products


About Unique Products From Poland

Buy Unique Polish Products wholesale through this page. You can request a quotation for any product, unique or otherwise, made in Poland at this link. It is a general request form that is used to send your request to factories. Polish Product Information Center


Amber And Silver Jewelry

If there was every a unique Polish product, it is amber and silver jewelry from Poland. Here is information about buying wholesale, buy it retail and read Hints On Starting An Amber Business.


These are limited production, unique Polish hand made dolls. Each one is different. You can buy them retail and you can buy them wholesale. Unique Polish Dolls.

Christmas Ornaments

Poland’s unique Christmas ornaments are works of art. You can buy them retail, wholesale, custom made or sell them as a distributor.

Salt Lamps

The salt in Poland is unique. And the salt that is used in Polish salt lamps is found only in one mine. You can sell them as a distributor, buy them wholesale or buy them retail.


Small crystal factories make very attractive pieces that you only find in specialty shops. You can buy them retail. here and wholesale here and you can act as a distributor.

Polish tradition means a lot to Polish people. And they have a long tradition of being proud of making unique things. They do not copy. They like to be unique and different. They like hand made things that are unique. They like unique, exclusive products and art.

Even through the days of communism when central planning and product shortages resulted in state owned companies making unmarketable products, local artisans continued their culture of making high quality, unique and exclusive products.

Polish hand made lace and linen, Polish hand blown Christmas ornaments, Polish hand carved wooden boxes, hand made art crystal and glass, hand painted ceramic pottery and many more items were made outside the communist system. And they continue to be made today.

Polish unique products actually serve as patterns for companies in the Far East who know that the best place that they can often find good products to duplicate is Poland.

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