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About Using Traveler’s Checks In Poland

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In general, checks, including traveler’s checks are not generally used in Poland. People use credit cards, atm machines for cash and bank transfers.

That is not to say that you cannot get a traveler’s check cashed, if you have to. But it takes special effort.

Major hotels may cash them for their registered guests. Smaller hotels may not even accept them as payment.

Generally shops and restaurants will not take them for payment.

You can get them cashed at most banks. It can take time since many of the tellers are not familiar with them. There are likely to be many phone calls made and conversations held before you get your money.

When an organization does accept a traveler’s check they generally charge a transaction fee. And then they choose a currency conversion rate that is most favorable to them. It can be arbitrary and much less favorable than the conversion rate posted by the National Bank of Poland.

As an aside, it is always in your best interest to know the conversion rate posted by the National Bank. It is posted each day, along with the weather forecast, on the Master Page .

So what should you do?

Do as the local’s do. Use the ATM machines for cash. And use your credit card for most of your transactions.

ATM machines are “everywhere”. The Polish people rely on them heavily. So you will find that they are conveniently located near any are that people come to spend money.


Do not rely on either traveler’s checks or any other bank check.

Carry some cash; but not too much so you don’t lose it. Replenish from and ATM machine.

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