Star Ratings Guide For Polish Hotels

About Star Ratings For Polish Hotels

Warsaw Hotel
A Fine Hotel In Warsaw

This page is about star ratings as applied to Polish hotels. This page gives some important information related to star ratings for Polish hotels and how to interpret them.

How is it best for you to choose a hotel in Poland? Is it necessary for you to choose by star rating or are there other criteria?

The general quality level of service in hotels in Poland is high. So when you choose a hotel, particularly in Warsaw, the star rating does not really give you a feeling for the quality of the service.

A three star hotel often has the same quality of service as a four star or five star hotel in Warsaw. The primary difference between the hotels might be that the three star hotel has fewer rooms than the large hotels, or lacks a pool and fitness center.

The room rate difference that you see between the well serviced three star hotel and the five star hotel can be 30 percent.

If your choice of star rating is merely to assure yourself of quality service, then you can safely choose three star hotels.

The room rates for rooms in hotels in Poland are typical European room rates. You will pay just as much for a five star hotel in Poland as you will for a five star hotel in Western Europe. And it is like that with all hotels in Poland.

The room rates are the same as Western European rates because the hotels, the service and everything about them is the same as their counterparts in Western Europe. They are simply good.

The video below shows you a hotel reservations system that includes star ratings and a full listing of services within each rating.

You definitely can get discounts from the published room rates. The best way to get them is to use the online hotel booking services that are large enough to negotiate discounts with the hotels.

Tour Guides in Warsaw generally recommend a few hotels for those people who want service and a good price. Among the recommendations are the Novotel (In the absolute center of Warsaw), the Gromada, Orbis Hotels and the Holiday Inn. Note that the Holiday Inn is four star but, because it is run by the Orbis Hotel chain, the rates are relatively low for a 4 star hotel in Warsaw.

Please note that the information in this page is not presented with any intent to denigrate or to recommend against the four and five star hotels in Poland.

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