Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps From Poland

About Polish rock salt crystal lamps from the salt mines in Poland.

Polish salt lamps are the modern equivalent of salt lamps that were used by the salt miners over the centuries as the borrowed in the largest salt caverns of Eastern Europe. The modern Polish salt lamp is a new unique thing of beauty in a unique piece of art.

Polish salt lamps are unique for several reasons.

Polish salt lamps are manufactured from a salt crystal that is foreign-owned in particularly interesting salt deposits that are the only salt deposits of that type in the world. There are no of the salt deposits that it gives a salt crystal with the color characteristics like Lowe’s salt crystals that come from the salt mine to Poland.



And Poland has a long history in salt mining and salt carving.

The Polish salt miners did more in their cavern’s then just mine salt. Today tourists from all over the world go to the famous visit each console minds to look at these chapels and carvings created by the salt miners deep in the earth. The mines of filled with statues altars and are lit with salt candles.

The tradition of salt carving has been passed down from the minors to room as the partisans in the Polish salt factories are make not only simple salt lamps but also on exquisite carvings.

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