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About raising money for your business or anything else for which you need a cash infusion.

People have been incredibly successful in raising money on the Internet. What we do here is present you some ideas and examples so that you can lay out your own fundraising program.

The use of Facebook in conjunction with the crowdsourcing sites GoFundMe has proven very successful for people looking to raise money for charitable purposes of every kind. Raise money to pay for education, health bills, getting someone back on their feet and any other act of kindness.

GoFundMe is really a self-help system and you really have to promote it through Facebook.. But it’s done and charitable endeavors oftenessentially go viral and the money pours in.

Crowdrise is another very effective crowdfunding portal. Unlike GoFundMe, they have the donor base and you do not have to do the promotion on Facebook to develop your own donor base.

Do check them both to see what is best for you.



If you have a business venture, then the crowdsourcing sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo go are places that you want to look. Being successful using those services is dependent upon you having a good and/or attractive business idea. Some people raise millions of dollars on a presale effort when developing a new project. Others raise money just to do such things as pay rent.

Look at both for examples and ideas.




You can also raise funds on a smaller scale by selling an attractive gift idea. Whatever you pick to sell, sell it as a gift to be given to someone else. Make it a unique gift.

Buy wholesale quantities at such places at the Wholesale Store and PolandsBest General Store.

I hope this helps. If you have questions or need more help, please contact us.



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