Polish Recipe Barbeque Spare Ribs

Barbeque Spare Ribs Recipe

This recipe for barbequed spare ribs makes your cooking task easier. First you can alway be sure that they are tender. they can be prepared ahead of time, each serving can be cooked to order, each serving can have a different barbeque sauce applied and you can now easily serve ribs on any picnic where you have access to a bargeque grill.

The general process is to first steam the ribs to remove the fat and make them ready for the tenderizing process. Once they are steamed, you tenderize them using a marinade.

At the end of the marinating process, you have ribs that you can grill immediately keep at the ready to be cooked later in the day or the next day.

You can choose whatever marinade you wish. Here we use a balsamic marinade. For this batch of ribs we used 1/3 cup of balsamic vinegar, 1/3 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water.

This marinade results in a rib that is suitable for addition of most any barbecue sauce. Actually, we prefer them grilled plain and then served with a vodka plum sauce on the side.

Here is a video that shows how we make the ribs at our country house in Poland. If we have a large number of guests coming, we just make a big pot, let it stay on the stove and add serving sized pieces to the grill as people are ready. Every piece is made to order. Nothing ever dries out on the grill. Each serving is always perfectly done and done just the way the guest wants.

Note that for the marinating process you can use a slow cooker. When the ribs are tender, turn it off and put the ribs on the grill as you need them.

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Polish Recipe Barbeque Spare Ribs
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