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Where to buy Polish pottery in Warsaw, Poland.

This page attempts to answer the often asked question about where to buy Polish pottery in Warsaw Poland.

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There are many shops around Warsaw that carry varying amounts of Polish pottery. And if you ask at the hotel at which you are staying you can find directions to many of these shops.

There is one factory shop, however, that is visited by many people because of the large amount of pottery that is stocked on the shelves.

Polish pottery store Warsaw
Polish pottery store Warsaw

It is the Boleslawiec Polish pottery store.

The shop is located at Prosta 2/14, Warszawa, Polska

And below is a video that gives you an idea of what is stocked in that store.

And be sure to read the information below the video.





Be sure to make arrangements to ship your pottery, BEFORE you go buy anything.

Many of the shops do not arrange shipping. So you will have to carry it with you, pack it and ship it.

Some shops will refer you to a shipping agent. Ask BEFORE you buy!

And make sure you know what you are buying. In Warsaw, Like any city in the world that caters to tourists, there are those who offer knock offs. If you find “cheap Polish pottery” stop and think. The factories do not sell under market to anyone.

If you buy Polish pottery in Warsaw, the Boleslawiec shop in Warsaw is a good choice for you to visit.

If you would like to get better prices and buy factory direct, we recommend that you get a copy of the Polish pottery catalogs that you find at this link. Polish Pottery Catalogs

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