Boleslawiec Pottery Stores Warsaw

About and how to find the Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Stores in Warsaw.

When you are in Warsaw you can visit to stores that sell Boleslawiec Polish pottery.

The first is an extension of the Zaklad Boleslawiec factory. You get very good prices on what is available. One must say, however, that this election is somewhat limited.

The pottery that is offered is generally some of the most popular in terms of form and pattern. When you go there you can get good prices, in fact factory prices, on a good basic selection of pottery.

There are several thousand pieces in the store and you can spend quite a bit of time picking and choosing.

But you must be careful as to what you choose. It is not so much related to the particular pieces but the amount that. Because they do not arrange shipping for you. So once you buy you must carry home with you or arrange your own shipping.

This Boleslawiec extension store is located at Prosta 2/14, Warszawa, Poland . It is really quite easy to get to because it is just a few hundred meters from the Metro and tram stop at Rondo ONZ.

Here is a map.

The second store is located at 49 Aleje Jerozolinskie, Warsaw Poland. It is just across from the Palace of culture and very easy to get to.

Here is a map.

It is a private store with a special relationship with the Zaklad Boleslawiec factory. It has an absolutely beautiful selection of Boleslawiec Polish pottery.

If you like special colors and patterns, this is the place to go.

The prices are higher than at the other store. One can expect that because it is a private business located in an absolutely prime location.

We recommend that you visit both stores before you buy anything. Check the selections and check the prices.

You may, however, find it most convenient to buy directly from the factories and have them ship for you.

The two stores shown here offer only what is offered from.Zaklad Boleslawiec itself. There are other factories in Boleslawiec, Poland that also have absolutely beautiful pottery.

They, of course, will ship for you.

Get contact information and catalogs for these companies at this link.

We recommend strongly that you look at that information prior to making any purchases of Polish pottery, regardless of the location of the seller. It can save you money and show you things that you did not know existed.





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