Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Zaklady

About Boleslawiec Polish Pottery from the manufacturer commonly known as Zaklady.

The Factory is historically one of the oldest in Boleslawiec.

It was in German built and German owned. But after World War II when the borders shifted West, ownership was transferred to the Polish government.

With the fall of communism, ownership was put into private hands.

The traditional Boleslawiec Polish pottery patterns are of German origin. Today there are many new patterns and many new forms.

The factory manufactures more than Polish pottery. Its products include ceramic pipes and chimneys and many more other items too numerous to mention.

The factory lies outside the center of the city of Boleslawiec’s but it is easily accessible and one can walk there.

At the factory there is a factory shop.

A short distance away one will find other Polish factories and shops. Information about those Polish factories and shops can be found in the YouTube video that you find on this page. Polish Pottery Factories

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