Polish Name Day Gifts

Polish Nameday gifts are more important than birthday gifts.

Nameday gifts that you can have sent to a nameday celebrant are below. But first a little about Nameday Gifts.

Most Popular Nameday Gifts

Flowers Wine Coffee And Chocolate For Men Amber Jewelry
Gift Baskets

Business Gifts

That is because a person’s Nameday is the most important day in a Polish persons life. It is always celebrated. Congratulatory phone calls are ALWAYS made and gifts are most always given.

A gift is not necessary. A phone call is.

It is the remembrance that counts. A telephone call is the only thing that you have to make.

In fact, when in Poland, on your name day, you will probably get more telephone calls than gifts.

If people visit you, then they will bring a gift.

That applies to individuals offering their remembrances on name day. Companies always send gifts.

Below we will discuss what gifts are customary. The images are interactive. If you click on an image you will be taken to a detailed description of the gift.

Nameday Gifts

Flowers For Women

Flowers are the most popular Nameday gift for women.

Roses Are A Traditional Nameday Gift

Flowers are perhaps the most popular gifts given for nameday. In fact, even if another gift is given, that gift is often accompanied by flowers. And the flowers are appreciated.

A name day gift often consists of a single rose along with some candy or a piece of glass. Gifts such as these are typically hand-delivered.

When a name day gift is sent by courier, the size of the flower arrangement is generally larger.

Additionally, when companies are sending a name day gift, they choose a large flower arrangement. Roses are the typical choice for such flower arrangements.

Here are images of flower arrangements offered through our network of flower shops all over Poland. They are shown in order of popularity.

dream nameday flowers eros nameday flowers flowers to make an impression
nameday flowers Rubine Roses flowers for secret love
lowers with sweets flowers with chocolate beautiful tulips

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Wine, Chocolate And Coffee For Men

Here are images, listed in order of popularity, of some Nameday gifts for men.

wine-bitter-sweet wine with expression Gold wome
rafello coffee and chocolate set

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Gifts For Model Train Lovers

Men into their trains are hard to buy for. Here is a recommended selection of gifts. Click Here.


Amber Jewelry

Poland is famous the world over for its fantastic jewelry. And it is always appreciated.

Bracelets and pendants, large and small are very popular. It seems that people never have enough. So these make a good choice.

natural-baltic-amber-pendant natural-baltic-amber-pendant-with-silver amber bracelet amber-stone-bracelet
amber heart amber heart baltic amber cross with chain white amber cross

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Gift Baskets

Gift baskets should be viewed in a few ways.

In Poland, gift shops and markets have a continuing supply of gift baskets. And they are very popular.Gift Basket

Where fellow employees in a company find it difficult to buy a present for name day or a birthday, they get around that difficulty by pooling their money and buying a gift basket. The gift basket serves as a gift from the people in the office and is very convenient for the celebrant who, by Polish tradition, is expected to put out a spread of food and drink on name day. The gift basket is very much appreciated and becomes part of the table setting.

The reality is that the group buy takes the financial pressure off the gift givers and does the same for the celebrant.

Gift baskets are also purchased online and sent to celebrants. Companies and employers are prone to buy gift baskets, including gift baskets made up of wine offerings, and send them to their valued clients, employees, and friends.

Actually, the wine gift baskets are generally the choice made by corporate executives for gifts.

Look at some selections here. Gift Baskets

Most Popular Nameday Gifts

Flowers Wine Coffee And Chocolate For Men Amber Jewelry
Gift Baskets

Business Gifts


Polish Name Day Gifts
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