White Sausage In Beer

Recipe For Polish White Sausage Simmered In Beer.

Polish White Sausage In Beer
Polish White Sausage In Beer

Poland is a country of sausage. There are more types of sausage than you can shake a stick at.

Kielbasa is sausage but not all sausage is kielbasa. Kielbasa is a pork sausage. Sometimes beef or veal is added to improve its body and character. The sausage is seasoned and smoked.

This is fresh white sausage and not one of the smoked sausages. It is similar to fresh italian sausage. You can use Italian sausage if you do not have white sausage.

This is one of those dishes that you find on the table any time of the year. During the Easter Holidays when families go on eating marathons, this dish often shows up. It is one of those things that people pick at over the day.

Serve it with horseradish and mustard. And don’t forget a steaming bowl of boiled potatoes.


About one kilogram ( 2 pounds) of white sausage
About one kilogram (2 pounds) of white onions
1/2 bottle of beer

White Sausage In Beer Preparation:

Peel and slice the onion. Separate it into rings.

Fry the sausage over low heat in a deep frying pan that you can later cover when you add the beer to the mixture. When it starts to develop some color, add the sliced onions.

Fry the sausage and onion mixture until the onion starts to color. Don’t rush it so that you don’t burn the onions.

Add the beer and simmer the mixture for about another twenty minutes.

When you serve it, dress it up with a little garnish. And do be sure to use Polish pottery to make it look nicer yet.

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