Polish Recipe Jewish Caviar

Jewish Caviar or Fried, Chopped Liver

This page is about fried chopped liver also known in Poland as Jewish Caviar.

This is an old Jewish recipe that remains popular today in Poland. It is, for some reason, called Jewish Caviar. And it can be found on holiday tables, regardless of religious affiliation, in Poland.

The recipe calls for the liver, egg and onion mixture to be coarsely ground together. Some people think it is better if the ingredients are chopped and mixed gently rather than having everything put through the grinder. But then there are those who would not consider it properly made unless it was ground.

So take your choice. Make some up and grind a little and chop a little. See which one suits your taste.

This is served with bread. When thinking about Polish cooking and referring to bread, one should understand that that means Polish style bread. If you do not have real Polish bread, you can use the recipes elsewhere in this page to bake some. Barring that, a rye bread will do. Get the firmest one that you can.


About a pound of chicken or calves liver.
3 or 4 boiled eggs
1 big onion
salt, pepper
Butter For Frying


Hard boil the eggs and let them cool so that when you chop or grind them they do not end up like mush.

Chop the onion.

Cut the liver into small pieces so that it fries up nicely without burning. You will either chop in more finely later or grind it.

Fry the onion and liver in butter until they are done. Take your time. Don’t burn them. Remember that this is caviar and you don’t want burned onion pieces in it.

When the eggs, liver and onions are cool, finely chop them and gently mix them. Or mix them and grind them.

Serve with Polish bread, or rye bread.

Put out salt and pepper for people to spice the caviar as they wish.

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