Podplomyki Recipe

Podplomyki Recipe

How to make Podplomyki in video and text with additional information about traditional Polish cooking.

Podplomyki being cooked over an open fire.

This is one of those recipes that you really don’t see made in kitchens anymore. It is an old Polish biscuit that is, however, very popular among campers and those who enjoy the Ogniszko gatherings on summer evenings.

And then when you go to outdoor events where traditional activities are center stage, you might find a few people making Poldplomyki.

In the videos below there is a video that shows Poldplomyki. being made at an outdoor family event in Zoliborz, Poland. The people just made it as fast as they could and gave it away.

Their intent was to show the young kids what it was and how it was made in the old days – before kitchens.

It is a matter of mixing whole wheat or other whole grain flour with water and salt.

It is made thick enough to knead a bit and then rolled out.

It is baked in a frying pan over an open fire.

Toppings include white cheese, onions in butter or mayonnaise, and jams. In reality, it is anything at hand and that suits your taste.



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