Paczki Icing

Paczki Icing

Recipe for Paczki Icing with candied orange peel.

The picture to the right shows you the way Paczki are normally iced in Poland. They have a sticky icing on which candied orange peel is stuck.

Paczki With Candied Orange Peel
Paczki With Candied Orange Peel

There are, however, some who make the Paczki with an icing that dries, but it still has the orange peel. And it is very thin.

To make it, melt 1/3 cup butter in a pan. Add two cups of powdered sugar and 1 1/2 tsp vanilla or some vanilla sugar – the common form of vanilla in Poland.

Mix and add 4 tbsp of hot water, bit by bit as you keep the mix over a low fire. When you achieve a thin consistency, take it from the heat. If you heat it a bit, it will dry on the paczki. If you just warm it, you will get the sticky icing.

Start by testing it warm. Then play with the amount of heating to get what you want.

When you ice a paczki, press it on orange peel that you have spread on a plate.

This video shows how to make Paczki.




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