Fish Soup Recipe

Fish Soup

Traditional recipes for Polish Fish soup and Christmas Eve Fish Soup.

Fish soup is eaten all year round in Poland. Additionally it is one of the three main choices of soup that traditionally starts the Polish Christmas Eve feast.

Polish fish soup is more complicated to make in than borsch or mushroom soup, so for the younger generation, who are less inclined to spend much time cooking soup, Polish fish soup has fallen into a third place on the offering of soup on Christmas tree. But it still number one in some regions where fish is eaten all year round.

Additionally the type fish soup that is presented is changing because the modern Pole has more money than the Pole who lived under communism. Under communism nothing could be wasted and recipes reflected that.

The recipe presented here is a traditional polish recipe from years past, The entire fish is used.

Spicy fish soup.

Filet a one kilogram Carp or other fish.

Discard the entrails.

Add head, skin, bones and tail to 1.5 liters of water. And 1/4 cup white beans, a tomato, 1 tablespoon sweet red pepper and one half a green pepper.

Cook for approximately one hour.

Strain, discard the solids and return the liquid to the fire. Add the fillets, the remaining half of the green pepper and cook for approximately 10 minutes.

Add salt and hot red pepper to taste.

Here is a soup that is popular among the modern polish women.

Christmas Eve Fish Soup

Filet a 1 kilogram carp, pike or perch and cut the fillets into small pieces.

Cook 50 grams dried cepe mushrooms in 6 cups of vegetable stock.

Add fish and cook about 30 minutes.

Melt 35 grams of butter in a pan. Add 1 cup of liquid from the fish and mushroom pot. Heat to boiling. Make a thick gravy by stirring in about three tablespoons of flour.

Add the gravy to the fish and mushroom pot.

Spice to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Serve with noodles.


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