Fish In Horseradish Sauce

Fish in Horseradish Sauce

Fish In Horseradish Sauce

This Polish recipe for fish uses cod. But you can use any other fish that you would like. By the nature of the recipe, whatever you use should not have too many bones.

That is, of course, up to you. Some Polish people even use this recipe to make carp. The horseradish sauce helps make the carp palatable. But it also hides the unbelievable number of small bones in the carp. But if you really have to eat carp, or some other unpleasant tasting fish, this is a recipe to try.

The sauce goes great on the potatoes. Make plenty of them so you use all the sauce and have something for those who might not be too big on the fish. Notice that in the picture the potato portion is definitely larger than the fish portion.

Because you simmer the fish, and let it cool overnight, this is a two day recipe. So it is most often made for holiday or special occasion meals.

In Poland the markets offer small packages that contain a parsnip, leek and some carrots. The local folks use them to make soup stocks as well as for everyday table fare. The original recipe calls for one to use such a package. If you do not have one, just use the vegetables that you get in your market.



Cod fillets – as much as you think will be eaten at one sitting.

One carrot, leek, parsnip.
Five eggs
1 laurel leaf
1/2 glass of mayonnaise
2 spoons of horse radish
salt, pepper

Preparation: Peel and cut the vegetables. Boil the vegetables with the laurel leaf.

When the vegetables are ready, gently add the codfish filets.

Simmer them for 15 minutes and turn off the heat.

Let the mixture cool. Put it in the refrigerator overnight.

When you are ready to serve, gently remove the fish to a serving platter. Decorate the edges of the platter with the vegetables.

Mix the mayonnaise and horseradish.

Chop the eggs to for a garnish.

Decorate fish with eggs, and dill or parsley and pour sauce on it.

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