Christmas Fried Carp

Christmas Fried Carp

How to make fried carp for Polish Christmas Eve meals.

Fried carp is a simple dish to make. It is a matter of slowly frying the carp in some olive oil, butter and garlic.

Be sure to add butter to the oil when you fry because the butter raises the smoking point of the oil.

The carp is fried whole, or it is split and cut into strips which are then fried. Some even cut the carp into steaks and fry them.

Carp has a taste of its own. Be sure to serve it with plenty of lemon juice and horseradish sauce.

For the most part, it is eaten on Christmas Eve and ignored by most people the rest of the year. Once you taste your first fried Carp, if you are not into Polish tradition, you will probably understand why it is called Christmas Fried Carp.

Here are some good videos and below that links to many Polish food recipes.


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