Cabbage With Mushrooms

Cabbage With Mushrooms

Cabbage With Mushrooms
Cabbage With Mushrooms

Polish cabbage with mushrooms and cabbage with split peas are unique to the cook.

This is a recipe for one of the more interesting traditional dishes served on Christmas Eve in Poland.

The main ingredient in this dish is time.

Cabbage (sauerkraut) with split peas and mushrooms

1 kg sauerkraut
1/4 kg dry yellow split peas
3 potatoes
100 grams of dried mushrooms
English spice, laurel leaf
1-2 onions
olive oil
salt, pepper

Squeeze juice out of the sauerkraut if you don’t want it to be too sour. Put in a pot and cook over two days: heat it up, cook for and hour then turn it off. Cool down and start again. During cooking add English spice and laurel leaf.

After two days take the peas, rinse them and leave in cold water overnight. Boil the next day in the same water (don’t put any salt, otherwise the peas will take long time to cook). When foam starts forming on the top of the water, collect with a spoon and discard. Half way through cooking add diced raw potatoes. The beans are ready when most of them are mashed, but there are still some whole kernels.

Take the mushrooms and cook them until tender in small amount of water. Cool, cut in small pieces.

Chop the onion and fry quickly in olive oil (don’t burn them).

After two days of cooking the sauerkraut add to it the peas, mushrooms and onions.

Cook over next two days: heat, cook, cool down (can even put the pot outside to freeze it a little). Add salt and pepper to taste, then two tablespoons of butter.

Here are some good videos and below that links to many Polish food recipes.


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