Baked Carp

Baked Carp

This is a recipe for traditional baked carp that is served on Christmas Eve in Poland.

Baked Carp
Baked Carp

This is one of those dishes that is on almost every Christmas meal table in Poland. It is one of those traditional items that are considered absolutely required.

There are many people who do not eat it at any time of the year.

But at Christmas, they eat their obilgatory fair share and rave about how great it is.

Baking a carp is quite easy. It is a matter of splitting the carp and cutting the sides across the backbone into strips.

Lay the strips in a baking pan. Add some oil to keep the carp from sticking to the pan.

You may add spices such as salt and pepper and garlic.

Bake at about 350 degree F until it is tender.

Be sure to serve with horseradish and mayonnaise as well as lemon.

Here are videos of some more recipes. And below them is a menu of more Polish recipes.


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