Bagel Recipe From Poland

Homemade Bagels

Homemade Bagels
Homemade Bagels

Bagels originated in Southern Poland. This bagel recipe comes to you from Poland.

This is a very simple recipe for homemade bagels. Bagels have their origin in southern Poland and are quite popular there today.

This is a recipe that anyone can use to make their own fresh bagels in a rather short time.

People run from making bagels because they think they are hard to make. They are so simple. Make a stiff dough, shape the bagels, boil them for a few minutes and bake. Because you raise them in the boiling process, they are a no fail project.

Combine three cups flour, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt and a square of active yeast. You can use dry yeast if you wish.

Mix the flour, yeast salt and sugar with about three quarters of a cup of water. The amount of water will vary with the batch of flour and that you use. It is better to start with a little less water and add more rather than to put too much and have to add more flour to make the dough sufficiently stiff.

Knead the resulting mixture until the gluten develops and the dough is very smooth.

The easiest way to make the dough is to use either a food processor or electric mixer. This is important because for the bagels to have the right texture it is key that you mix them for anywhere from five to eight minutes.

Bread dough is sensitive to the mixing time in that if you do not mix up long enough it will lack a smooth texture. And when making a bagel dough it should be a rather stiff dough.

Once the dough is smooth and remove it from the mixer and rolled up into a ball.

Put the dough in a covered bowl or pot into which you put some flour on the bottom so that the dough does not stick and put the pot away in a warm place for about one half hour.

After one half hour remove the dough and roll it again into a tight ball and return it to the pot.

Turn your oven on and heat it to about 375°F. When the oven gets to temperature, fill a large pot with water or a deep frying pan with water and bring it to boiling.

Separate the dough into seven equal pieces and roll them into small balls. Press each ball flat. After you have seven flattened pieces on your workbench, use your fingers to form a hole in the center of each.

Boil them between two and five minutes on each side.

Remove them from the boiling water and place on a pan on which you have placed baking paper.

Brush each of the bagels with a beaten egg. You can add poppy seeds to the top at this time if you so wish.

Bake for about 20 minutes.

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