How Many Cups

How to convert kilograms to cup with common conversion factors so that you can convert grams and kilograms to cups.

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The question constantly bothering cooks is “How many cups is … in kilograms?” Here is a list of some estimates for cups to kilograms and kilograms to cups. It is made up of the most used ingredients and is based on the questions that are sent to us. If you have any particular needs, be sure to contact us and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

These numbers, like all that you find in cookbooks and conversion charts are best estimates. And why are they “best estimates”?

They are best estimates because each batch of flour, sugar and so on is made differently, has different moisture content, is handled differently and has different natural characteristics. Each cup you want to convert from kilograms will weigh a different amount.

For example, a cup of hard packed flour will likely be heavier than a cup of sifted flour. And dry flour will be lighter than flour with a high moisture content.

Sugar may have different crystal sizes so it will have more or fewer air pockets between the crystals. You can easily see that below by comparing the weight of powered sugar and granulated sugar.

And every other ingredient will have some characteristic that will make a difference.

Considering what we just said above, here are some best estimates, or in other words, typical weights in kilograms for a cup.

Butter – 230 grams per cup
Margarine – 205 grams per cup
Flour – 125 grams per cup
Cornstarch – 150 grams per cup
Sugar, powdered – 130 grams per cup
Sugar, granulated – 190 grams per cup
Honey – 320 grams

To make the conversion, divide the number of grams in the recipe by the grams shown in the table above. For example, it the recipe calls for 300 grams of flour, divide 300 by 230 and you will get 1.3 cups.

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