Poland White Pages

Poland White Pages

The Polish privacy laws make it illegal to publish private information. So the white pages are subject to many restrictions.

After forty years of abuses under the communist system, the Polish people are very protective of their privacy. They do not want any private information revealed to anyone, even in Polish white pages telephone books, without their written permission. Gathering of any data that can be used to identify an individual is subject to some very restrictive laws. And the people of Poland enthusiastically support the laws. They are very quick to complain if their private information is given out. And people who give out information are prosecuted.

The law makes publishing white pages information on the internet effectively impossible. There are none that we know of.

In fact, paper copies of white pages are not printed.

If you wish to call Poland here are some Polish Area Telephone Dialing And City Calling Codes.

Note that Polish people are prolific users of Facebook messaging and, do a certain degree, Skype. Try searching there.

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