Poland Gift

Things you should know about Polish Gift giving traditions.

Sending a gift to Poland can be done in many ways. But one of your main considerations will be shipping and it can make a Poland gift very expensive is you are not careful. If you intend to send a gift to Poland from outside the country and it is near a holiday, you are must plan ahead. Many gifts that are sent to Poland are delayed in the mail.

There is no doubt that you may wish to send a special gift. And you may be concerned, if you order a gift on the internet, about the quality of the gift that your recipient gets when you have never seen the gift yourself. If you are a regular gift giver and regularly send gifts to Poland, you might consider finding someone reliable in Poland to do gift buying for you, or consider finding a gift shop in Poland that will do custom gift selection and packing for you. Once you establish the relationship, you can save a lot of time and grief by having an established relationship with people who will provide you service.

This applies to personal gifts as well as corporate gifts or gifts to employees.

If you order through a gift shop in Poland, you are likely to be able to have things special selected that you would not be able to have selected through the major on line gift shops. And when you work with a small gift shop you can get special wrapping and packaging.

There are some gift services in Poland that specialize in making high end gifts for executives and trusted employees. Likewise these gifts are used as tokens of appreciation when given to certain clients. Such gifts are generally not available on line. For the few that are, when they are delivered they have that plastic sense of gift giving that imparts that sense of insincerity.

When sending a gift to Poland you should also consider the gift itself. Gifts of food should generally be avoided. Giving food implies that you do not think that the people can feed themselves. That does not mean that you can’t send a party basket of wine, chocolate, cookies and other candies. But do avoid basic food items.

A gift of roses is standard in Poland. Roses are sold everywhere, everyone buys them and everyone gives them.

In Poland, gifts of wine, candles, roses, crystal,and glass are much appreciated. Combine one of these items with some roses and you have a winning gift for someone in Poland.

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