Windmills In Poland

About Windmills in Poland with information about selected windmills.

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Muzeum Wsi Kieleckiej – Park Etnograficzny w Tokarni

Dutch Windmill

Dutch Windmill Tczew

Muzeum Wsi Mazowieckiej – Sierpc

Muzeum Wsi Radomskiej

Kurrcze – Very informative site with detailed information about construction.

About Windmills – Wide ranging discussion

A Paltrak – An Image

A Paltrak 2 – An Image

A video in Suwalskie – Good info

Wiatrak w Tumie –   Will be a skansen

Inventory of Rotten Windmill – Detailed plans for reconstruction

Wiatrak w Buszkowicach

Windmill plan in complex

Sroda – Large collection of windmills

Muzeum Wsi Kieleckiej  –

Contact to kielce

WGD – Large Collection

Farmers Museum – The google search with contact information. The web site does not open.

Paltrak Plan  –

Kozlak plan

Kozlak Tomas Grodzisk


Hollenderski Windmills

Windmill History With Links

Kozak Festival

Windmills Gdansk


Paltrak At Skansen

Wiatraki holenderskie

Free Energy




Ostatni wiatrak Roztocza

Hollenderski Picture

Weekend Ideas

Good Collection Of Hollenderski Windmills

Jerzmanowice – wiatrak

Olianda Skansen
















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