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About choosing the best places to stay in Poland for your personal needs.

Polish Amber

Bracelets, Pendants, Necklaces
Stones, Beads

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Special Polish Products

Polish Crafts
Pierogi & Ravioli Forms
Pierogi & Ravioli Recipes
Picnic Supplies
Nameday Gifts
Railroad Model Supplies

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Warsaw Poland Centrum
Warsaw Poland Centrum

Even for people in Poland, when they vacation in Poland, they often find places to stay that suit their needs by word of mouth. That is because so many places either have no web sites or have such a reputation that they do not advertise. They rely on customers returning each year and referring new people to replace those who do not come back.

Bed and breakfast, known locally as noclegi, are very popular. You find them in the resort areas, and in small towns as well as in the larger cities.  You can read about them at Bed And Breakfast Poland 

You can find some of them in the major travel sites and the larger hotels as well.

Most of the cites and larger towns in Poland have websites. Search the cities to and through which you will travel.

Visit the website and look at the offers.

Actually you can use google maps to do this.

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