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Things you should know about Pierogi Makers and using them.

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For people who only occasionally make pierogi, a pierogi make it is a preferred tool.

For the modern-day family that is pressed for time,and that is concerned about the quality of the feelings that they find in commercial products, pierogi makers are very popular.

And why are they popular? Here are some reasons:

        • Fast – Make as many as 14 perfect pierogi per minute every time.
        • Efficient – Make perfect closing seals every time. There’s no waste because fillings do not leak out when boiling or cooking.
        • No Learning Curve – So easy to use even the kids can make pierogi.
        • Make Family Safe Pierogi – Anyone can make pierogi with safe ingredients quickly and easily. No need to buy commercial products with “mystery fillings”.

How To Use A Pierogi Maker

            1. Cover the pierogi maker form with a layer of dough.
            2. Depress the pockets and add the filling.
            3. Cover with a second layer of dough.
            4. Seal using a rolling pin.
            5. Remove the trimmings and pop out the completed, perfectly sealed and formed pierogi.




  • The pierogi are traditional size 7.8 cm on the straight edge and 4.3 cm at the maximum radius.
  • It is 24 cm at the widest.
  • The form’s weighs 151 g.
  • Bottomless pocket design to assure good seals and eliminate bursting pierogi.
  • Sturdy, high impact polystyrene. Will not scratch counter tops or break glasses.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Makes up to 14 pierogi at a time. You can also adjust the dough position and conveniently make six and a time.
  • Made in Poland where it and pierogi are is very popular.


This video shows how to use the form.



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